Thrilling! Being familiar with command-line tools certainly helped and the whole process with was a bliss. My own mantra when it comes to publishing is to publish fast and often. Sooo many ideas and projects that just never make it to that first threshold. With this out of the way, it's time to get back to studying and learn more about Unity. In the next post I will try to detail some of the thoughts behind the game.

Ooh, and a list of known bugs:

  • Ball gets stuck in walls
  • Player gets stuck in walls
  • NPC's gets stuck in walls
  • NPC's accidentally gets hurt by ball
  • Ball disappears
  • NPC's animations are not working
  • Enemies animations not working

Other issues:

  • No settings yet (eons away probably)
  • Ball and player collide too much
  • Enemies does not have health grace cooldowns yet
  • Too few enemies
  • Ball and player is a pain in narrow places (might be a feature, nothing decided yet)
  • No item keeping track of tasks yet
  • Too short (2 levels)
  • No sound (and all sounds are just placeholders)
  • No good gfx (all gfx is basically placeholders until my drawing improves magically)
  • Sound annoying, turn it off! yes, that too
  • Too easy (yes, see above)
  • No items?? (Not yet, but many planned. Shoes, shirts, shoelaces, balls, gloves, sticky tape, magnets, etc...)
  • etc.
  • etc.


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Version 0.0.1 Aug 10, 2019 24 MB
Version 0.0.1 Aug 10, 2019

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